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MSH Building Ltd is committed to building positive, long term relationships with the local communities where we work. Our teams actively engage with community groups, local charities and ensure wherever possible we provide training opportunities for young people.

On all our schemes, for example where we work in schools, public buildings or a tenants home, we make sure we consult with and talk to the people we impact the most to ensure we understand, respect and do our best to accommodate their needs and concerns.

In addition we take great pride in helping our clients achieve fundraising goals wherever possible through donations, fundraising events and offer resources and supplies.



At MSH Building Ltd, we appreciate the value of building and maintaining relationships with a robust supply chain of preferred subcontractors and suppliers.

We adopt a strategic approach when selecting our supply chain partners and choose those who demonstrate the skills and capabilities to satisfy or exceed our expectations and those of our customers.

Management of our supply chain is centred on the collaboration of all parties to enable the development of long-term relationships that will offer our clients exceptional value, quality and performance.

Our aspiration is for these relationships to help continuously improve MSH Building by raising levels of performance in all aspects of our business.  This can only be achieved by working together as a team and harnessing the expertise, innovation and value creation our like-minded supply chain will provide.

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MSH Building Ltd are committed to Quality Assurance, principally through the specific quality control procedures that we adopt and by the overall high standard of workmanship at all times. We are accredited with the internationally recognised standard ISO 9001:2008 which enables us to continuously improve all aspects of the business and focus on ensuring we meet customer requirements and provide excellent customer care.

Our quality philosophy centres around the belief that our clients requirements lie with each and every person within the organisation and all staff are responsible for the service we deliver.



At MSH Building Ltd, we pride ourselves on our ability to protect the environment.

We achieve this by proactively working and communicating with stakeholders to develop progressive and innovative ideas to best suit the needs of all parties whilst maintaining the highest standards of assurance, an ethos that is echoed in our Accreditation of ISO14001.  We are always striving to improve our environmental performance, and our senior management team are committed to continuous improvement in this area.

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Featured Community Benefit - Homes that Work

The Homes that work service has been designed for individuals who have been identified as Hoarders within the community and provides a de-cluttering service that not only addresses the environmental issues within the home but also looks at the individual as a whole. Our company and Bron Afon have established a true partnership on the”Homes that Work” project by helping to fund a lifestyle coach position.

Increasing Quality of Life….  “I feel this is an invaluable service which can really help people whose lifestyle has become a bit ‘challenging’ to regain a quality of life, particularly at a point where their health may be deteriorating”…. St David’s Hospice Care

Stopping children from going into care….   “The service does quickly what it would take us and the family a long time to do as we are also dealing with other issues”…. Family Focus Team

Hoarding – The reality…. “When did it start?  Difficult to say really.  My mother threw everything away. No rubbish, no sentimental things, just empty space.  I suppose that’s what started it for me.  When I had a place for my own for the first time, I vowed not to be like her.  If I felt an attachment to something, I’d keep it. Not like her.  She threw everything away.  Even me”…. Tenant A

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